Torre palagetto

Enjoy professional wellness treatments and massages either directly in your mini apartment or in our outdoor areas, lulled by the relaxing rustling of the Tuscan countryside and the aromatic scent of our gardens. Your entire stay is geared to provide a multi-sensory experience, in which both body and mind are stimulated through the various senses, for deep, overall relaxation.

Once devoted to ageing the farm’s finest wines, the ground-floor La Cantina Suite features a spacious living room.

Once devoted to storing citrus fruits throughout the winter, this is a single, well-lit room on the ground floor.

Located on the ground floor in the area once devoted to storing terracotta pots of precious extra-virgin olive oil.

Once forming part of the farm manager's residence, the La Fattoressa Suite - named after the woman who had the last say in all farming activities.

Located on the first floor with private entrance, the Il Fattore Suite - once forming part of the farm manager's residence.

Located on the first floor, in the central section of the ancient lookout tower, with private entrance and a wonderful view of the San Gimignano hills.

Spread across three floors, with a private entrance, San Gimignano views and its surrounding hills, spacious living and relaxation areas.

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Genuine, courteous Tuscan farmhouse hospitality

We are delighted to welcome you to our typically Tuscan farmhouse, where we devote special attention to the environment and our surrounding nature.


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